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Free your Mind and Body with Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Perhaps you are already making all the right lifestyle choices and you’re still feeling challenged with health issues.

Maybe you’ve experienced some improvements with other therapies and really appreciated feeling better but it hasn’t lasted.

Or are you at the stage where you want to work deeper to address the root cause of imbalances for lasting improvements and the possibility of full recovery?

If this sounds like you, we are so pleased you have found us at Body Wisdom.  Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) treatments are powerfully restorative.  They can assist your mind and body to unwind, relax and unpack years, and often decades, of stored tension and stress that may be holding you back from:

  • Experiencing comfort and ease in your body
  • Sleeping restfully
  • Feeling calm and confident
  • Feeling safe and connected
  • Having the energy to connect to what you love
  • Relaxing fully
  • Being present
  • Feeling your inner strength and joy

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

A gentle yet powerful holistic body therapy that supports emotional, mental and physical health issues to improve and often resolve naturally.

Combines a western scientific understanding of how the body and mind function, the wisdom of traditional healing arts and a deep appreciation of the body’s natural ability to self-heal.

An advanced approach to healing and maintaining essential health. It acknowledges the “entire person” and that emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health are all interrelated.

Integrative Mind Body and Spiritual Wellness

BCST has its roots in Osteopathy. This method of healing was developed in the late 1800s by Doctor William Garner Sutherland.

The term “Craniosacral ” refers to the bones and membranes from the head to the lower end of the spine. “Biodynamic” refers to the living intelligent healing force that travels up and down the craniosacral region, and from this region gets dispersed to every cell in the body.

When our healing force is flowing vibrantly throughout our body, we experience strong emotional, mental and physical health.

If stress patterns accumulate in the body, it can weaken the strength of a person's natural healing force. This can result in the development of symptoms and health conditions. It can also make it difficult to heal from injuries and existing conditions.

Stress Patterns can Arise From:

  • Lifestyle stress (food choices, activity level, time we give ourselves to rest and recuperate)
  • Toxins stored in the body from food and the environment
  • Challenging experiences in-utero and during birth
  • Overwhelming and traumatic experiences during childhood and anytime in life
  • Accidents and injuries
  • Long periods of stress or overwhelm
  • Emotional suppression
  • Having a personality that worries a lot or experiences a high level of anxiety

Difficult experiences are often forgotten over time but, unless they are resolved in the physical body, they can continue to affect how a person functions throughout life. BCST supports children and people of all ages to resolve patterns of stress and restore balance throughout their minds and bodies.

When a stress pattern is resolved, both the mind and body go through a reorganisation process and the body’s healing force flows with greater strength and vibrancy. As the healing force within the body is restored, health issues often improve and heal naturally.

What to Expect in a BCST Treatment

As a clients awareness amplifies, they may notice tensions and deeply held restrictions, followed by feelings of release, temperature change, expansion and relaxation.

BCST treatments provide a safe, nurturing space for children and adults to restore their essential health.

During the initial session, we discuss a person’s health history with them and their current concerns. The treatment then takes place fully clothed on a therapy table, small children may prefer to play on the floor or have a story read to them.

During the treatment, we work with a gentle, skilled contact to tune into how a person is expressing health in their body. Natural body rhythms, as well as stored stress patterns and restrictions, are shown.

As we listen deeply and validate a person’s stored experiences, deep processing occurs within many systems of the body. Tension and stress patterns are processed and released. BCST supports integrative healing throughout all systems of the body and mind.

At Body Wisdom, you will be in safe hands. There is no force applied or manipulations, making it suitable for babies, children and people at all stages of life.

At each session, the treatment is completely tailored to meet a person’s individual healing requirements.

Conditions We Support At Body Wisdom

Chronic Pain

BCST works at many levels to reduce chronic pain anywhere in the body

Reducing Pain & Restoring Health

Chronic pain conditions involve pain that lasts 3 months or more. Our actual experience of pain comes from a combination of damage to nerves, tissues and often involves inflammation.

Our mind also has a big role to play in pain. Negative thoughts about health conditions, anxiety and past pain experiences can contribute significantly to increase the level of pain that is experienced.

At Body Wisdom we Support Healing for the Following Conditions:

  • Spinal injuries, and degeneration
  • Joint pain and inflammation
  • Scoliosis
  • Muscular pain
  • Nerve pain
  • Sciatica
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis
  • Headaches, migraines
  • Tinnitus, vertigo
  • Jaw tension (TMJ)

    BCST can support people to reduce or eliminate the factors that stimulate pain. This often involves healing sensitive nerves, inflammation, tissue injury and resolving stress patterns in the body.

    Stress patterns can be caused by past injuries, medical procedures, repressed emotions and unresolved trauma. These are common in people experiencing chronic pain.

    If you’re experiencing chronic pain and want to address the possible underlying cause(s) of poor function, BCST may help. A course of treatments can help resolve stress patterns and support the whole-body to return to a healthier, balanced state.

        The Following Benefits may Gradually be Experienced:

          • Reduction in pain
          • Increasing body comfort
          • Improved functioning
          • More ease in movement
          • Increased energy levels
          • Improved sleep quality
          • Stronger immunity
          • Feeling calmer and more relaxed

            BCST is an integrative therapy that supports emotional, mental and whole-body health. Symptoms and conditions are often interrelated and healing occurs simultaneously for most people.

            If you need help with chronic conditions that are limiting you in any way, we would love to assist you to recover your natural ability and vitality to fully engage with life.


              Reprogram the mind and harmonise the nervous system for greater calmness

              Experience more Calmness, Presence & Joy

              Breathing techniques, meditation, mindfulness, exercise, etc… are all useful for managing anxiety and general wellness. However what if a person could be supported to resolve the factor(s) that cause their mind to be anxious in the first place?

              BCST can help the brain and nervous system to be less reactive and calmer. Treatments are beneficial on their own and along side talk therapy.

              We all experience worry at times but anxiety is a much deeper condition that can interfere with many aspects of a person’s life. Among other things, anxiety can cause a person to feel a sense of dread, overwhelm and stop them from enjoying life.

              Experiences from the time we are conceived can shape our brain development. Both conscious and unconscious experiences can program the brain and mind towards producing more anxious thoughts.  Overwhelming emotional and physical experiences can be stored as stress patterns in the body. Unless they are resolved they can contribute to a person having increased levels of anxiety throughout life.

              How can BCST help with Anxiety?

              BCST can help resolve the overwhelming experiences that program the mind and body towards anxiety. Therapy also harmonises all vital systems in the body, including the nervous system, to restore wellness.

              When a person experiences anxiety the physical body produces a “stress response” where the nervous system is activated. Chronic activation of the nervous system results in other vital systems in the body such as the hormonal, immune and digestive systems being affected.

              Hence it is not surprising that chronic anxiety is often associated with headaches, jaw tightness, muscle tension, digestive and sleep issues. BCST treatments support physical conditions to improve alongside the symptoms of anxiety.

              At Body Wisdom our goal also includes assisting our clients to develop skills to enable their nervous system to self-regulate, supporting ongoing wellness.

              If you experience anxiety, we would love help you restore your ability to feel calm, be present with your life and experience more joy.


              Supporting natural recovery from depression, restoring inner strength and connection

              Moving Forward from Depression

              Symptoms of depression are different for everyone, but commonly include:

              • Deep sadness
              • Feeling helpless
              • Loss of interest in pleasurable activities
              • Feeling disconnected from life
              • Total lack of hope

              BCST can support children and adults with depression to recover a sense of joy and connection to life. BCST can be done on its own or alongside talk therapies to support a person’s unique requirements.

              At Body Wisdom, we understand that a person experiencing depression may not want to talk about it. Respectfully we invite a person to share with us what they choose when they feel ready to.

              People experiencing depression often have unresolved emotional pain from past experiences. This commonly contributes to chemical imbalances in the body, as well as programming the nervous system to remain in a ”freeze state”.

              People experiencing depression have commonly experienced one or more of the following:

                • Emotional hurt
                • Loss of a loved one
                • Difficult experiences in-utero, during birth and in childhood
                • Major relationship stress
                • Job or financial stress
                • Cultural or societal pressure
                • Serious chronic illness

                Treatments support a person to gently release emotional pain and other stress patterns. Over time their nervous and hormonal systems return to a more harmonious balance. They naturally become more curious, open and connected to life.

                If you're needing help, we would love to support you or a loved one to experience the joys of life again.

                  Trauma / PTSD

                  BCST supports children and adults to heal from trauma and PTSD gently and safely

                  Trauma is a Condition Involving the “Body and Mind”

                  To resolve trauma, the “state of shock” caused by the trauma needs to be released in both the body and mind. BCST can gently and effectively support this process in children and people of all ages.

                  When a threat or stressful event is experienced, the nervous system becomes more active to support the body to fight or escape. It does this by turning on the “fight or flight response”. This quickly makes our heart beat faster and activates a huge amount of energy that prepares our muscles for fighting or running away.

                  If the threat/stress is overcome and the body uses up the excess energy, then our nervous system returns to normal and we feel relaxed. If we cannot avoid the threat/stress, all of the excess energy has nowhere to go and becomes trapped in the body, causing a state of shock. This can lead to the development of symptoms.

                  If you have some of the following symptoms, it could be that you are experiencing the effects of shock stored in the body, resulting from unresolved trauma:

                  • Not feeling like your “usual self”
                  • Getting easily overwhelmed
                  • Feeling nervous, anxious, or fearful
                  • Having mood swings
                  • Getting flashbacks
                  • Having panic attacks

                  Longer-term Effects of Unresolved Trauma Include:

                  • Muscle tension
                  • Digestive disturbances
                  • Headaches, migraines
                  • Jaw tension
                  • Chronic fatigue
                  • Asthma or rapid breathing
                  • Chronic pain
                  • Anxiety
                  • Depression
                  • Intense emotions of fear, rage, grief and despair
                  • Not feeling safe
                  • Self-limiting beliefs

                    Trauma can arise from a single major experience or a gradual buildup of overwhelming experiences. Both conscious and unconscious experiences can contribute to trauma, these include:

                      • Challenges experienced in-utero
                      • Stress patterns formed during the birthing process
                      • Childhood experiences of loneliness, fright, grief and despair
                      • Injuries
                      • Accidents
                      • Severe illness
                      • Medical procedures
                      • Abuse
                      • Exposure to major threats
                      • Long periods of feeling under-resourced and overwhelmed

                        Accumulation of stored trauma affects every cell and system in the body.  This can lock the body in a “fight, flight or freeze state”.  Trauma often significantly contributes to the root cause of chronic illness. It not only affects the nervous system but every other body system.

                        Healing unresolved trauma is essential to restoring the body's ability to self-heal, experience joy and be present with life.  At Body Wisdom, we support people to heal from trauma gently, safely and compassionately.

                        Often if the experience(s) that caused the trauma occurred a long time ago, new incidents become super-imposed over previous ones. A series of treatments will often be needed to unpack the various stress patterns stored in the body. The body can then return to a healthier balance and the mind is “reprogrammed” to feel greater safety.

                        Following treatments, a person often feels they are becoming more like “their usual self”. They gain the ability to move forward with life with renewed energy, presence and joy. It is common for physical health issues to significantly improve or resolve alongside the emotional and mental symptoms of trauma.

                        If you need help healing from trauma or PTSD, we would love to support you to reclaim your natural ability to experience freedom and joy.

                          Children’s Health

                          BCST is a gentle, safe, and valuable natural therapy for children

                          Compassionate Support for Children

                          We really love working with children, to help bring out the best in each child.  At Body Wisdom, we support children to come back into greater balance by working on the health of every system of their body, optimising a child’s vital energy and promoting health conditions to improve and often resolve naturally.

                          At Body Wisdom we Support Children with the Following Conditions:

                          • Worry, anxiety
                          • Sleeping difficulties / nightmares / bedwetting
                          • Digestive symptoms
                          • Frequent sinus and chest infections
                          • Asthma / ear infections / hayfever / eczema
                          • Headaches / migraines
                          • Recovery from injuries / concussion
                          • Concentration or learning difficulties
                          • Challenging behavior
                          • Depression
                          • High sensory sensitivity
                          • Scoliosis
                          • Coordination difficulties
                          • Recovery from operations

                            Some children experience health conditions early on in life. Factors that can contribute to this include:

                              • Prebirth stress patterns that formed in-utero
                              • Stress patterns that formed during the birthing process
                              • Medical procedures
                              • A long period of separation from a parent soon after birth

                                Children may also develop health conditions following overwhelming experiences. Some parents and caregivers notice changes in their children after an incident that has affected them physically or emotionally.  These may include:

                                  • Following an illness
                                  • Being in an accident or witnessing an accident
                                  • Experiencing a serious injury
                                  • Following a medical procedure
                                  • After a concussion or injury to the head
                                  • Experiencing or witnessing physical or emotional abuse
                                  • Being in a natural disaster
                                  • Losing a pet or loved one
                                  • Following a big change in their life

                                    Children and teens are often unable to or don’t want to talk about how they are feeling, or what’s troubling them. They often show us something is out of balance within them by developing physical symptoms, becoming withdrawn, having physical and emotional outbursts or not coping with life.

                                    At Body Wisdom, we encourage children to have control of what they want to share and how they wish to be treated. BCST is powerful at supporting children to physically express and process what they find difficult to verbalise.

                                    Therapy supports children to resolve patterns of stress within and promote greater emotional, mental and whole-body health. This can hugely benefit a child’s physical and sensory development, behavior, learning and happiness.

                                    At Body Wisdom, we understand that when a child is expressing health challenges stress can often be shared by the whole family. It is amazing to work with the whole family to support each member to experience their optimal emotional, mental and physical wellness.

                                    If you have any questions regarding how BCST can assist your loved one’s to feel and be their best, we would love the opportunity to discuss this with you.

                                    Women’s Health

                                    Supporting women to tune into the wisdom of their body to optimise wellness

                                    Helping Women to Feel and Be Their Best

                                    Every woman is unique and deserves to be supported to feel and be their best. BCST is a wonderful therapy for healing and self-care. BCST is so much more than managing or resolving symptoms. This natural therapy works deeply to address the inner causes of poor health and restore harmony to the mind and body.

                                    Many things contribute to how a person feels and functions. Our food choices, movement, breathing, beliefs and other factors are all important. Having a strong inner healing force is also vitally essential for both our ability to heal as well as physical, mental and spiritual wellness.

                                    When our bodies hold stored patterns of stress, this can weaken our inner healing force, increasing the likelihood of symptoms and conditions developing, along with making it more difficult to heal from existing issues.

                                    BCST can support a woman to unpack stored stress patterns and harmonise all the systems of her body. A healthy nervous and hormonal system is essential for the natural biological rhythms and cycles in women, at different stages of her life.

                                    Emotional, mental, and physical symptoms are often interconnected. BCST can powerfully support women to heal simultaneously at all these levels.

                                    At Body Wisdom the Conditions we Support Women with Include:

                                    • Gynaecological health
                                    • Chronic fatigue syndrome
                                    • Fibromyalgia
                                    • Urinary tract conditions
                                    • Optimising fertility
                                    • Restoring vitality and optimal functioning following childbirth
                                    • Anxiety
                                    • Depression
                                    • Feeling depleted, both emotionally and physically
                                    • Embracing menopause with strength and ease

                                      When people are supported to feel their best, it’s much easier for them to make healthy lifestyle choices. Additionally, everyone around them benefits too.

                                      At Body Wisdom, we also spend time helping a woman to connect deeply with her inner being to support her ongoing wellness and resiliency. Clients learn to experience their bodies in a more powerful and accepting way.

                                      If you need help recovering from health conditions that are limiting you in any way, we would love to support you to optimise your health and wellness, making it easier to live your best life.

                                        Frequently Asked Questions

                                        How may Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy at Body Wisdom differ from other body therapies?
                                        • BCST addresses the psychological, emotional and physical imbalances that contribute to health conditions.
                                        • Therapy is very gentle and safe. No force or manipulations are used, making it suitable for people of all ages.
                                        • Treatments help restore wellness to the whole-body, mind, and soul (not just symptom relief).
                                        • At Body Wisdom, we support people to grow in knowledge and understanding of how to support their health.
                                        What effects can I expect following a therapy session?

                                        A person may notice immediate improvements following the treatment of feeling calmer, more relaxed and physically noticing more comfort. However, more often a person will become aware of positive mental, emotional and physical changes in the following days, weeks and even months.

                                        Sometimes as the mind and body have made positive changes, there may be a brief period of tiredness or detox symptoms.

                                        How many sessions will be needed?

                                        Although we often see people with similar symptoms and conditions, how an individual person responds to therapy and the number of treatments they need will depend on many factors. These include:

                                        • The number and type of symptoms/conditions and how long a person has had them.
                                        • The amount and type of stored stress patterns they have in their body.
                                        • Their overall state of health.
                                        • What current challenges they have in life.
                                        • What other supports they have to assist their healing.

                                        Following an initial treatment, we will be happy to provide you with a recommended treatment plan to support your health goals.

                                        Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist (DipBCST)
                                        Diploma in Dietetics (DipDiet)

                                        Hi I’m Joslyn,

                                        It gives me great pleasure to support both children and adults to recover their natural wellness and sense of joy. I wish for people to know that no matter how much they are currently suffering, there is a way forward.

                                        Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy has been the most powerful influence in my life and I love using it to help people understand and resolve the patterns of stress stored within, supporting them to regain their natural ability to heal.

                                        A silver lining of my own healing journey is that it has enabled me to develop deep empathy and a set of unique skills to support healing in others.

                                        Originally I was educated and worked as a Dietitian in the field of nutrition and health. This has provided me with an understanding of science, health conditions, and valuable experience. The vehicle for my deeper learning has come from the holistic healing requirements involving my 4 children and myself.

                                        From a young age, I developed severe allergies, poor self-worth and low confidence. During my early thirties, I reached a “tipping point” and suffered from anxiety, depression, exhaustion, chronic pain and poor health from headaches, inflammatory conditions, numbness to one side of my body, and sleeping difficulties.

                                        I had already processed many difficult experiences consciously in my mind, but I was not aware that my physical body was still carrying stress patterns from past overwhelm and trauma. These were robbing me of my vital energy and good health. For decades I felt stuck with pain and dysfunction, causing me to be emotionally reactive and resentful of my past and worried about my future. Gradually I became more and more disconnected from experiencing my true self and being present with my life.

                                        For over a decade I tried “every” approach to healing that sounded promising. Despite my efforts, nothing I did worked integratively or deeply enough to support my healing at the core of my complex issues. I needed to find a way to “heal the cause” of all the pain and poor health I was experiencing.

                                        Finally, a friend introduced me to BCST and I gained the healing and support I needed to restore my natural ability to self-heal. Gradually the tension and heaviness I had experienced for most of my life subsided. I became more in tune with myself and, for the first time in decades, I was healing emotionally, mentally and physically. I was unpacking the stress patterns that had been caused by my earlier life experiences.

                                        Finding BCST has been the turning point in my life. It has helped me open to my authentic self, discover strengths I never knew I had and experience life with greater inner peace and trust. I am now in awe of how profoundly intelligent our bodies are and encourage all of my clients and people I know to tune into their own deep wisdom within.

                                        My life-changing journey with BCST inspired me to find my true passion, to support healing in others. As a therapist, I am committed to helping people optimise their wellness and joy.

                                        At Body Wisdom, we feel privileged to share in the healing journey with all our clients. We love hearing how transformative therapy has been for many of them and the ripple effect of positive changes they experience. We would love to support you or a loved one to experience your optimal wellness!

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